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IELTS preparation involves a focused and comprehensive approach to enhance your English language skills. Whether you’re aiming for higher education, immigration, or professional purposes, exam preparation is key to achieving your desired score. 


From practicing listening and reading comprehension to honing your writing and speaking abilities, a strategic study plan that includes mock tests, vocabulary expansion, and effective time management can significantly boost your confidence and performance on exam day. With dedication and consistent effort, you can navigate the test’s unique sections and nuances, ultimately showcasing your language proficiency to meet your goals.

IELTS preparation

Speaking and Writing sections

Speaking and Writing are both active skills that require producing content. In this exam, the language used is English. While speaking allows more room for correction, writing can be challenging as errors become visible. Regular practice is crucial to improving both writing and speaking abilities effectively

Discover effective ways to excel in the IELTS test and boost your scores with our comprehensive course. Surprisingly affordable, we provide homework and plenty of home-based practice. Our personalized approach caters to your current proficiency level, helping you become more confident in speaking and writing. Benefit from the expertise of a private tutor for your IELTS preparation needs.

Private courses and be prepared for IELTS exam
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IELTS preparation

Listening and Reading sections

Listening and Reading in the IELTS exam evaluate your passive skills. They are relatively easier as someone else conveys a message. However, attentiveness to spoken words and grammar usage remains essential. Sharpen your comprehension abilities to ace these sections successfully.

A private teacher gets you ready for the exam by

What Is Different Between IELTS And TOEFL

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) are both widely recognized English language proficiency tests, but they have some differences in terms of format, content, and scoring.

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Ace the IELTS exam in Calgary with our personalized courses. Tailored to your level, we offer expert tutoring. Boost confidence,



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Troy is a wonderful person and tutor. He helped me a lot in my IELTS preparation. I ended up getting the results I wanted. I really recommend Troy to anyone who needs to improve his english in a short period of time.

Worth every penny! My son finished his ELA course and had huge improvement in mark. It would not have been possible without Troys help. Troy gave our son huge confidence boost and pretty much a “formula” for ELA. We will continue to work with Troy And further improve our sons skills. Worth every minute of our time and every penny we paid. Absolutely awesome tutor!

I really enjoyed my time with Troy. He is a nice and funny tutor who knows how to teach the Alberta english curriculum really well with tips and tricks that will forever have improved my understanding of english.

Smart Tutors have been an incredible place for me to improve my english proficiency. Professor Moore is extremely friendly, has a lot of experience teaching, and gives invaluable tutoring service during his classes. Best in town, professional and very well organized.