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Nice To Meet You, I Am Troy C. Moore​

A senior English private Tutor And Owner Of Smart Tutors. With 20 years of experience, not very handsome, but extremely Smart!

Expert tutor for language proficiency and IELTS prep. Elevate your skills with personalized guidance. Explore our services now.

English private tutor

Meet Troy C. Moore

Troy is a Canadian native, fully bilingual in French. He specializes in pronunciation and essay writing. Based in Calgary’s serene Glamorgan SE, Troy holds a BA in Anthropology and Linguistics from the U. of Western Ontario and a Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis from Trinity Western University.


Specialized In Writing

Specialized In Writing CRTs And PRTs For The Diploma Exam​

Study and Discuss Shakespearean Plays ​

teaches Hamlet, Macbeth, Othello, Romeo and Juliet in "real English"

BA Anthropology and Linguistics

University of Western Ontario, 1985

Master of Applied Linguistics and Exegesis

Trinity Western University, 2003

7 years in Central African Republic

Living, working in another culture is life-changing; broadens perspectives, fosters transformative experiences, and unique growth.

English private tutor

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Opt for private English classes guided by an experienced private tutor, offering abundant benefits. Unlike crowded university settings, our personalized approach ensures dedicated attention from a private tutor solely devoted to your progress. Additionally, consider our intense private session courses. Embrace a transformative language journey with expert guidance, gaining remarkable language proficiency and confidence.

Years Of Experience

With an impressive 20 years as an English private tutor, we guide students confidently, fostering language proficiency and confidence. Benefit from our expertise to elevate your language journey.

We Know What To Do

We provide tailored instruction, fostering language proficiency and overall confidence. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking to refine advanced language abilities, trust in our expertise to elevate your language journey to new heights with us.

English private tutor

Reviews From Our Happy ESL Students.

Previous ESL classes with Chinese and Serbian engineers, Japanese doctors, Colombian dentists, French housewives, Brazilian journalists, etc.

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Troy was always ready for class! He taught me the strategies I needed to use to succeed and feel more confident in taking a reading comprehension test. I recommend Troy for anyone who needs help with their English class, you will be sure to improve your mark. Fantastic teacher, very understanding!!

Most definitely the best english tutor I have ever worked with, he improved my reading comp and writing skills drastically and gave me many tools and tricks to be successful in my course, and the diploma, which lead to me having great success in my ELA 30-1 course this year.